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Eco Tech @ Sunview Road

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Architectural Brief

Eco-Tech@Sunview is a LIGHT INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT located at the intersection of Jalan Buroh Road and Pioneer Road. This prime location in the western Singapore is served by a network of public transport and well exposed to ample business opportunities. The development houses units of various configurations to meet an assortment of businesses and spatial demands. High ceilings also add to the grandeur and usability of spaces within the building. A vehicular ramp is provided for access up to 8 storeys of the development while goods and passengers lifts serve the entire 9 storeys, ensuring accessibility to both users and visitors. Lush landscaping around the development adds a soft touch while creating a tranquil ambience. Supporting amenities and facilities to enhance vibrancy to the living and working environment of the occupants are located conveniently within the development. With modern architectural design and finishes, this 9 storey development projects an image of corporate elegance while reinventing the traditional and stereotypical look of an industrial building. The development weaves together circulation spaces and the building amenities, drawing a balance between aesthetics and functionality, bringing forth a development with a conducive environment for work and play.

Generally, for clean and LIGHT INDUSTRY:
The factory shall not generate air and water pollution as well as noise and smell nuisance that can affect neighbouring premises

The factory shall not use large quantities of hazardous substances such as solvents, acids and other chemicals

The factory shall not generate large quantities of trade effluent or solid waste

The factory shall not use equipment burning solid or fuel oil. Boilers using diesel (0.05%S) and heating equipment such as furnaces, ovens and autoclaves using gaseous fuel or electricity may be allowed

In simple terms, it means the processes carried on or the machinery installed are such as can be installed in any residential area without detriment to the amenity of the area by reason of noise, vibration, smell, fumes, smoke, soot, ash, dust or grit.

The premises have to comply with the URA’s 60:40 Rule:
At least 60% of the gross floor area (GFA) is to be used for the predominant industrial or warehouse activities (E.g. manufacturing, assembly, research & development and warehouse) the other 40% of the GFA may be used as ancillary offices, staff canteen and communal facilities. Ancillary use is the secondary usage to support the predominant usage.
 The types of industrial and ancillary uses that may be allowed are subject to the evaluation of the competent authority and other relevant authorities.

Food industries:

  1. Packing of dried foodstuff, blending of food ingredients, bottling of syrups/cordial juice.
  2. Packing and bottling of medicinal herbs and medicated oil.
  1. Research & Development involving small quantities of chemicals.
  2. Biotechnology.
  3. Manufacture of made-up textile goods (except wearing apparel) without dyeing, bleaching and/or other finishing operations.
  4. Knitting mills without dyeing, bleaching and/or other finishing operations.
  5. Manufacture of carpets and rugs without dyeing, bleaching and/or other finishing products.
  6. Manufacture of wearing apparel (except footwear) without dyeing and/or bleaching operations.
  7. Manufacture of footwear, except for those made of plastic or vulcanised or moulded rubber.
  8. Manufacture of products of leather and leather substitutes, except footwear and wearing apparel.
  9. Printing, publishing and allied industries.
  10. Mould-making without metal stamping, etching or electroplating.
  11. Manufacture of plastic products, not elsewhere classified.
  12. Manufacture of containers and boxes of paperboard. Manufacture of paper products also involving printing activities without pulping works or bleaching operations. Manufacture of aluminium window frames and grills from aluminium extrusions without spray-painting operations.
  13. Servicing and refilling of fire extinguishers.

Other light industries are generally compatible to food industries. The food industries to be sited adjacent to light industries shall not give rise to any emissions that may affect the activities of the light industries

List of Clean Industrial (For Reference)

  1. Software design and development
  2. Product/ prototype design, industrial and engineering design.
  3. Fashion designing.
  4. Manufacture of polyethylene products (not involving printing operation).
  5. Assembly and repair of computer hardware, audio-visual equipment, and other communication/ electronic equipment, apparatus and parts (not involving spray-printing, electroplating or galvanising operations. Only minor soldering will be allowed.
  6. Information Technology (IT) technical support/ maintenance centres.
  7. Assembly and repair of coffee, computing and accounting machinery (not involving spray-painting, electroplating or galvanising operations).
  8. Assembly and repair of electrical appliances and housewares (not involving spray-printing, electroplating or galvanising operations. Only minor soldering will be allowed.
  9. Assembly and repair of photographic and optical goods (not involving spray-painting electroplating or galvanising operations).
  10. Manufacture and repair of watches and clocks ( not involving spray-painting, electroplating or galvanising operations).
  11. Warehousing activities and storage of finished products such as furniture, electric appliances, garments, canned food and beverages etc.(except for storage of chemicals)
  12. Manufacture of paper products without printing activities.
  13. Manufacture of professional, scientific, measuring and controlling equipment (not involving the use of chemicals, inclusive of gaseous chemicals).
  14. Diagnostics laboratories and referral laboratories.
  15. International Specialist and engineering consultancy eg.oil exploration.
  16. Medical and specialist centres eg. Eye institutes, paediatrics, bionic limbs, health screening.
  17. Distribution Services


Piling system to Structural Engineer’s detail and/or design.   Structure
Reinforced concrete structure and/or structural steelwork to Structural Engineer’s detail and/or design.   Walls
Reinforced concrete walls and/or lightweight block wall and/or clay brick wall.   Roof
Reinforced concrete roof to Structural Engineer’s detail and/or design with appropriate waterproofing and insulation. Pitched roof – metal roof with insulation.

Floor Loading
1st  Storey 10 kN/m2
2nd  Storey 10 kN/m2
3rd  Storey 10 kN/m2
4th  Storey 10 kN/m2
5th  Storey 10 kN/m2
6th  Storey 10 kN/m2
7th  Storey 10 kN/m2
8th  Storey 10 kN/m2
9th  Storey 10 kN/m2
All mezzanine floor 3.0 kN/m2
Floor to Floor Height
1st storey (with mezzanine office) 7.2 metres approximately
2nd storey to 7th storey (with mezzanine office) 6.3 metres approximately
8th storey (lower storey) 5.1 metres approximately
9th storey (upper storey with mezzanine office) 6.3 metres approximately

Ceiling Generally concrete ceiling soffit with skim coat and emulsion paint finish except lift lobbies, common corridors, all toilets with skim coat and/or water resistant ceiling board with emulsion plaint finish, where applicable.

Windows Powder-coated aluminium framed glass window system.

Doors Glass and/or timber doors and PSB’s approved fire-rated doors where applicable. Electrically operated metal roller shutter to 1st to 7th storey units. PVC doors with locksets to toilets.

Locks Good quality locksets and ironmongery.

Wall Finishes Cement and sand plaster and/or skim coat with emulsion paint finish to external wall. Cement and sand plaster and/or skim coat with emulsion paint finish to internal wall. Ceramic and/or homogenous tiles and/or cement and sand plaster with emulsion paint finish to toilets, where applicable. Ceramic and/or homogenous tiles and/or cement and sand plaster and/or skim coat with emulsion paint finish to lift lobbies, where applicable

Flooring Power float finish to all factory units Generally cement and sand screed finish to all areas except lift lobbies and toilets in ceramic and/or homogenous tiles finish.

Electrical Installation Emergency lighting including exit signs and toilet lightings to all factory units and canteen provided in compliance with statutory requirements for TOP purpose.
The temporary wiring and lightings shall be removed after TOP and only exit lights will be retained. Lighting provided to all common area such as staircases, driveway, ramps, lift lobby, corridor. The Developer will provide 60A 3-phase 400 volts isolators to all factory units and 300A 3-phase 400 volts isolator to canteen unit. The purchasers will have to provide their own distribution board for their outgoing power inclusive of AC use. The electrical meter is provided outside each unit and inside canteen unit.

Plumbing and Sanitary Sanitary and plumbing system provided in compliance with statutory requirements. The toilets in each factory including floor traps, WCs, taps, basins will be provided. Grease trap inclusive of piping, floor traps, ICs etc is provided at canteen. The individual water meter is provided outside each unit and inside canteen unit.

Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation Natural/mechanical ventilation in compliance with authority requirements on designated areas.
All the production units are naturally ventilated with AC ledge provision for purchasers’ own AC installation in the future.

Lift & Escalators 4 passenger lifts 4 goods lifts

Fire Protection System Sprinkler and Fire Alarm System are provided in compliance with authority requirements.
Dry Risers and Hose-reel System are provided in compliance with authority requirements.

Lightning Protection Lightning protection system shall be provided in accordance with Singapore Standard SS555:2010.

Telecommunication Services The developer provides the infra-structure provisions in respect of providing horizontal cable trays from MDF room to telecom risers and along the driveways to terminal block at each unit for the Info-Communication Facilities. No data/SCV will be provided.
The purchasers are to liaise with the service providers on their own for their info-communication requirements.

Master Antenna System (MATV) MATV tap-off unit in risers on each storey is provided for future tapping off by the purchasers.

Recreational Facilities
Swimming pools
Basketball court
Game court
Barbeque Pit

Tiles Selected tiles sizes and tile surface flatness cannot be perfect, and subject to acceptable range described in Singapore Standards SS483:2000.

Materials, Fittings, Equipment, Finishes and Installations Subject to clause 14.3, the brand, colour and model as specified for all materials, fittings, equipment, finishes and installations to be supplied shall be provided subject to Architect’s selection and market availability.

Layout/Location of Electrical Points, Telecommunication Points, Door Swing Positions and Plaster Ceiling Boards Layout/location of electrical points, telecommunication points, door swing positions and plaster ceiling boards are subject to Architect’s final decision and design.

Warranties Where warranties are given by the manufacturers and/or contractors and/or suppliers of any of the equipment installed by the Vendor at the Unit, the Vendor will assign to the Purchaser such warranties at the time when vacant possession of the Unit is delivered to the Purchaser. Notwithstanding this assignment, the Vendor shall remain fully responsible for the performance of its obligations under clause 10 and clause 18.

False Ceiling The false ceiling space provision allows for the optimal function and installation of M&E services. Access panels are allocated for ease of maintenance access to concealed M&E equipment for regular cleaning purposes. Where removal of equipment is needed, ceiling works will be required. Location of false ceiling is subject to the Architect’s sole discretion and final design.

Glass Glass is manufactured material that is not 100% pure. Invisible nickel sulphide impurities may cause spontaneous glass breakage, which may occur in all glass by all manufacturers. The Purchaser is recommended to take up home insurance covering glass breakage to cover this possible event. Notwithstanding this note, the Vendor shall remain fully responsible for the performance of its obligations under clause 10 and clause 18.

Mechanical Ventilation System Mechanical Ventilation fans and ductings are provided to toilets which are not naturally ventilated. To ensure good working condition of the mechanical ventilation system, the mechanical ventilation system for the exhaust system within internal toilets (where applicable) is to be maintained by the Purchaser on a regular basis.

Wall All wall finishes shall be terminated at false ceiling level. There will be no tiles/stone works behind mirror.

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District 3: Principal Garden/ District 5: Clement Canopy/ District 8: Sturdee Residences/ District 12: Gem Residences

District 14: Sims Urban Oasis/ District 19: Stars Of Kovan/ Forest Woods / District 20:  Thomson Impressions

District 22: Lake Grande

Executive Condominium: The Terrace/ Parc Life/ Inz Residences/ Signature At Yishun/ Sol Acres/ The Visionaire

Strata Landed: Whitely Residences

Offices/ Shops/ Factories: Royal Square/ Macpherson Mall/ The FlowHexacube

Overseas Properties: Ashton Silom


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