Piermont Grand difference between private condo

The real estate research studies conducted by OrangeTee showed that the average price gap between ECs and brand new condos stood at about 20 percent price gap difference. This was the result of the selling restrictions that are available to ECs. Additionally to the constriction costs and the base price of land. But once the ECs has finished the MOP and are privatized, this price gap decreased to 9 and 5 percent.

What this means that owning a unit at Piermont Grand EC could be a valued investment. The studies has proved that out of the 25 EC properties that were privatized, 13 were making losses after the MOP period because they were bought during the boom phase. However, the balance 8 made great profits of 20 percent and more.

As in accordance to OrangeTee, privatizing EC development could mean that it will become a profit gain. However the amount of profit generated in which sellers could make is dependable on the surrounding supply and location factors. The report draw to the marketing trends that were proven ed by the Straits Times which shows that majority people are buying ECs for investment purposes.

The Orange Tee’s research study also shows that when both the EC and private condo are purchased at the same regular period and hold for 10 years. The EC could be one of the best long-term investment out of the two. This could be due to the subsidies and their starting lower purchasing prices, unlike private property which could be more costly. Do note that EC units is able to rent out from the sixth year onward and this is helping to meet their owning costs. In the case that an EC is leased out, the price could be at the same price range as that of a private condo.

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